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1116-53089 - Spectacular formation of vibrant colors in swirls of fragile sandstone is known as The Wave and is located in the Coyote Buttes section of Vermilion Cliffs National Monument. An unmarked wilderness trail limits hikers and requires a permit from the Bureau of Land Management, Arizona, United States of America
1116-53087 - Clay pots piled on a tomb of the Lord of Sipan archeological site near Chiclayo, Peru in the Lambayeque Valley. Archaeologists uncovered burial places of several lesser important figures besides royalty at Sipan. One, a high priest, had a tomb almost as impressive as the royal ones. Another burial contained 1,137 pots shaped into warriors, priests, prisoners, musicians, and anthropomorphic deities, Sipan, Peru
1116-53086 - Flags and statuary decorate a colorful roadside altar in a desolate region of northern Chile. Shrines or animitas are a common tradition of memorials that mark the site where someone died. People who are not related to the person who was killed can offer a prayer at the animita, in this way, animitas can take the roles of popular saints in the Catholic religion, Pan American Highway, Chile