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746-90912 - Lago del Sorapis in the dolomites of the Veneto, hikers on at the lake. Sorapis mountain range is part of the of the UNESCO world heritage dolomites. Europe, Central Europe, Italy
832-394683 - Boat on Maligne Lake, behind it mountain range Queen Elizabeth Ranges with Samson Peak, cloudy sky, Jasper National Park, Rocky Mountains, Alberta, Canada, North America
1348-4569 - Dead Sea, Israel, Jordan, True Colour Satellite Image. The Dead Sea, Israel, Jordan, true colour satellite image. The Dead Sea and sedimentation tanks in turquoise. Image taken on 14 August 1987 using LANDSAT data.
1348-4578 - Yangtze River, Shanghai, China, True Colour Satellite Image. Satellite image of the river mouth of the Yangtze river, the longest river in Asia, that flows into the East China Sea. The pink coloured water is highly polluted, sometimes even with toxic waste discharged into the river by factories of the city of Shanghai. The Yangtze river mixes then with the turquoise sea water. Image taken on 3 July 2001 using LANDSAT data.
1116-51675 - An endangered Green sea turtle (Chelonia mydas) swims underwater in Maui along the sandy bottom looking for food. Sea turtles are captivating for snorkelers, divers and tourists who come to Hawaii to enjoy these sea creatures; Paia, Maui, Hawaii, United States of America