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860-290898 - Ankole-Watusi cattle. It is an old african breed famous for its long horns often known as Cattle of Kings. In Uganda the Bahima still posess large herds of Ankole Cattle The ethnic group of the Bahima are traditional pastoralist and herdsmen like the Maasai, Masai in kenia. However they are not defiantly traditional and blend tradition with the economy of today. Afrika, East Africa, Uganda, Ankole, Mbarara
1116-46067 - A Male Vervet Monkey Sitting On Rocks In A Dusty Patch Of Ground With A Few Tufts Of Grass On It, He Has A Black Face And Paws And Grey And Brown Fur, Nyabushozi, Western Region, Uganda
1116-46070 - A Rhinoceros Is Charging From Right To Left Over The Savannah With Its Head Down, Surrounded By A Grassy Plain, Herd Of Wildebeest In The Background, Nyabushozi, Western Region, Uganda