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832-396470 - Wall with mourning wreath for the Russian concentration camp victims, Soviet Union inscription, Wall of Nations, Ravensbrueck Memorial, former concentration camp for woman, Fuerstenberg Havel, Brandenburg, Germany, Europe
832-396471 - Flag in the national colours of Ukraine hanging from the letter U of Russia, in memory of the Ukrainian concentration camp victims, Wall of Nations, Ravensbrueck Memorial, former woman's concentration camp, Fuerstenberg Havel, Brandenburg, Germany, Europe
832-396469 - Wall with grave lights in memory of the Polish concentration camp victims, inscription Poland, Wall of Nations, Memorial, Ravensbrueck Women's Concentration Camp, Fuerstenberg-Havel, Brandenburg, Germany, Europe
832-395974 - Medieval frescoes from the school of Friedrich Pacher, replica of a Romanesque crucifix, castle chapel, Taufers Castle, Sand in Taufers (Campo Tures), Ahrntal, Valle Aurina, Pustertal, Valle Pusteria, Central Alps, Zillertal Alps, Main Alpine Ridge, South Tyrol, Alto Adige, Italy, Europe
746-91803 - Fresco on a wall of an old farmhouse. Traditional architecture of the Primiero. Tonadico in the valley of Primiero in the Dolomites of Trentino. Europe, Central Europe, Italy