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1278-383 - Night low angle view of illuminated defensive wall fortification in front of traditional low-rise roof-tiled houses and passing clouds above in the Old Town of Warsaw, Poland, Europe
1278-382 - Landscape panoramic view of city skyline with houses and skyscrapers under a blue sky with clouds and greenery around Vistula River with Praga borough visible, Warsaw, Poland, Europe
1278-371 - Low angle view of traditional low-rise roof-tiled Burghers houses with facade decorations in the Old Town Market Square (Rynek Starego Miastra), UNESCO World Heritage Site, Warsaw, Poland, Europe
252-11155 - Colourful houses of the Old Town Square (Rynek Starego Miasto) viewed through a cafe window, Old Town (Stare Miasto), UNESCO World Heritage Site, Warsaw, Poland, Europe