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860-291502 - The summits of Brenta mountain range are reflected in Lago Nero. Brenta group in the Dolomites, part of UNESCO world heritage The Dolomites. Europe, Italy, Val Rendena
860-291495 - Drainage system with lake on the surface of the ice sheet. The brown sediment on the ice is created by the rapid melting of the ice. Landscape of the Greenland ice sheet near Kangerlussuaq. America, North America, Greenland, danish territory
860-291248 - Landscape in Skagafjoerdur during winter, Iceland. Landscape in Skagafjoerdur during winter. view of a snowed in country road with the fjord in the background europe, northern europe, iceland, March
860-291366 - California Sea Lion (Zalophus californianus) feeding on sardine's bait ball (Sardinops sagax), Magdalena Bay, West Coast of Baja California Peninsula, Pacific Ocean, Mexico
860-291246 - Hofsos at Skagafjoerdur during winter, Iceland. Hofsos, a traditional fishing village with many historic buildings on the coast of Skagafjoerdur during winter. The municipal swimming pool. europe, northern europe, iceland, March
860-291325 - Amazon River Dolphin, Pink River Dolphin or Boto (Inia geoffrensis) , Three wild animals in tannin-rich water , extremely rare picture of wild animals spyhopping ,Threatened species (IUCN Red List), along Rio Negro, Amazon river basin, Amazonas state, Manaus, Brazil, South America