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1350-59 - A wide-angle view of the Northern Hemisphere autumn Milky, from Aquila at bottom right in thw south, to Cassiopeia and Perseus at upper left in the northeast. Cygnus is at centre overhead on a late October evening. The Summer Triangle stars are at centre and right; the Andromeda Galaxy and Triangulum galaxies are at bottom left. The dark nebula Le Gentil 3, aka the Funnel Nebula, is at centre.
1311-261 - Sycamore Canyon viewed from the west side of Sycamore Point near sundown, located in Kaibab National Forest, Williams, Arizona, United States of America, North America
1311-257 - Grassland that used to be the J D Dam Lake, dry due to a drought in Arizona, Kaibab National Forest, south of Williams, Arizona, United States of America, North America
1116-48310 - The view from the top of the tourist lookout at Dyrholaey near Vik, Southern Iceland. The black sand beach extends for miles into the distance and green pasture and farmland is seen in the background, Vik, Iceland