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832-402561 - Super wide angle, backlight, sun as star, sun behind cathedral, Duomo di San Giorgio, church San Georgio, old town, Modica, baroque town, baroque angle, southeast, Sicily, Italy, Europe
832-402557 - HDR shot, backlight, sun as star, super wide angle shot, temple C, Apollo temple, Selinunte, archaeological site, temple, southwest Sicily, Sicily, Italy, Europe
832-402554 - Backlight, HDR, sunbeams, aperture prism effect, Norman Cathedral, Chiesa Madre di Santa Maria Assunta, super wide angle, portal, Erice, Trapani province, mountain, Sicily, Italy, Europe
832-401280 - Wide-angle shot of Sea turtle grazing on the seaseabed, slow motion. Great Green Sea Turtle (Chelonia mydas) eating green algae on seagrass meadow, Red sea, Egypt, Africa