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1116-51537 - A paraplegic mom holding her little girl in her lap while taking her for a ride down the street in her wheelchair on a warm summer afternoon: Edmonton, Alberta, Canada.
1113-106807 - Angola; Huila Province; small village near Chibia; Muhila girl with typical neck and headdress; Tufts of hair covered with clay and fixed; Choker made of pearls and earth
1113-106421 - Ethiopia; Southern Nations Region; southern Ethiopian highlands; Mago National Park; lower Omo River; young Mursi woman with traditional lip dish and face-painting; Terracotta lip plate with painted and incised patterns
1113-106426 - Ethiopia; Southern Nations Region; southern Ethiopian highlands; Kolcho village on the Omo River; young Hamer woman with typical curly hairstyle and jewelry; First wife, recognizable by the massive choker with ornament
1113-106638 - Aerial view of school children in front of ATCA School in Donemisay Village supported by funds provided by Lernidee Adventure Travel, Ban Pak Tha, Pak Tha District, Bokeo Province, Laos, Asia
1113-106619 - Young blonde woman at a market stall on Sisavangvong Road (the main street) which sells freshly squeezed fruit juice, Luang Prabang, Luang Prabang Province, Laos, Asia