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860-292443 - Tek rebreather diver at a depth of 70 meters with a DPV specially equipped with 60,000 lumen lighting and 12 Gopro to carry out a 3D survey of a karstic cave submerged for over 14,000 years, Passe Bateau Sud, Mayotte Lagoon
832-400526 - Benches with colourful mosaic, entrance building at the back, Casa de la Guardia, Pabellon de porteria, view over the city, Park Gueell, park by Antoni Gaudi, Catalonia, Spain, Europe
832-399462 - Wall painting in the Govora Monastery. Part of the construction of the monastery dates back to the time of Vlad Draculs principality (13th-14th c.), Transylvania, Romania, Europe
860-291096 - Tail of Blue whale diving (Balaenoptera musculus) Reaching a maximum confirmed length of 30 meters and weighing up to 200 tons, it is the largest animal known to have ever existed. Azores, Portugal, Atlantic Ocean.
860-290377 - France. Hunting. The European commission has adopted in january 2021 a ban on using lead 100m around any wetland in Europe. So far in France, the ban is only 30m. In the future, the lead will be totally banned as 6000 tons of lead is put into nature by hunters every year causing death of thousands of birds (here a mallard) eating lead balls.
832-392943 - Riesenburg cave, natural karst cave ruin of Frankendolomite, geotope, natural monument, in the back climber at rock face, near Engelhardsberg, district of Markt Wiesenttal, Upper Franconia, Franconian Switzerland, Franconia, Bavaria, Germany, Europe