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832-401588 - Swabian cuisine, hearty party yeast plait, salty yeast plait, baked yeast pastry, braided yeast yeast dough on porcelain plate, from the oven, baked goods filled with pesto and dried tomatoes, vegetarian, pesto in a jar, herbs, bread, kitchen knife with red handle, mother-of-pearl spoon, egg spoon, typical Swabian reinterpreted, traditional cuisine, food photography, studio, Germany, Europe
1278-314 - Colourful former Catholic, currently Orthodox, church facade of Mother of God Sissiotissa with bell tower, founded by Saint Francis of Assisi in Argostolion Town, Cephalonia, Ioanian Islands, Greek Islands, Greece, Europe
832-401152 - Silhouette of mother and son walking in the sunset on the beach of Tacoron in El Hierro, Canary Islands, vacation concept, orange sunset, walking by the sea pointing the path