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832-404476 - Elk (Alces alces) mother with two cubs standing in the grass by a lake, autumn atmosphere, Nikkaluokta, Kiruna, Gaellivare, Norrbottens laen, Lapland, Northern Sweden, Sweden, Europe
832-404355 - Young Caucasian mother playing with her in the room with toys. Baby less than a year learning the first lessons of her mother. Mother playing with her son and hugging him lovingly
832-401152 - Silhouette of mother and son walking in the sunset on the beach of Tacoron in El Hierro, Canary Islands, vacation concept, orange sunset, walking by the sea pointing the path
832-400370 - Young woman mother expressing love to little baby, sitting on the floor by bed with sleeping child in hands and kissing him in forehead, tender photo of unconditional love between mom and son
832-400292 - Happy young family parents with two small kids gathering around brick fireplace in cozy and warm country house during Christmas holidays in winter. Father, mother ad children sitting by fire at home
832-400285 - View from above of happy large family with many children celebrating Christmas or New Year eve together at cozy warm home, gathering around festive holiday table with delicious traditional xmas food
832-400279 - Lovely photo of young happy mother with little daughter in warm clothes hugging and drinking cocoa near orange minivan outdoors, family enjoying frosty winter weather. Winter holidays concept
832-400278 - Young family mother and little boy son wrapping packing Christmas gifts for family members while standing at table near beautiful decorated xmas tree at home, kid preparing New Year presents with mom